Dr Averett-Post Operative Nail Removal

Post-Operative Nail Removal Instructions

 Keep the bandage clean and dry for one day. Remove the bandage the next morning just before soaking.

Soak your toe at least once daily for 15-20 minutes in lukewarm soapy water (Epsom salts are fine). DO NOT get the water too hot.

After soaking, clean the surgical area with rubbing alcohol using a cotton swab.

Apply a small amount of Neosporin, triple antibiotic, or prescribed antibiotic cream to the surgical site followed by a band aid. If you have an allergic reaction to penicillin that affects your breathing or results in severe hives, DO NOT use Neosporin.

Call the office immediately if:

You have severe pain that is not improving with elevation, ice or pain medication.

Your toe gets red, swollen, and appears infected.

Fevers occur above 100.5 degrees F.

General information and possible complications:

The average time for the toe to drain is 4-8 weeks; 10-12 is not uncommon. It MUST DRAIN. Do not do anything to try to get to heal quicker. It must heal from inside out. If it heals prematurely it will get swollen, red, and more painful.

The most common complication that arises is when the toe does not drain properly. If the drainage stops for any reason the toe will look and feel infected. If this should happen, call the office right away and we will give you an appointment to solve the problem.

Most pain can be controlled with Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or Aspirin. The anesthetic will usually last from 6-36 hours.

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